Monday, February 2, 2015

Stay Tuned...

As I sit here, counting down the hours until the anthology goes live, I'm an incredible mix of emotions.  I guess that's normal for your first publication, and I have to assume that doesn't really change as you continue to publish.

Tomorrow, anyone and everyone can have this book in their hands -- and part of my soul will be laid bare in front of them.  This story has been in the making for years and to have it out there for people to read that don't even know me, is absolutely terrifying!

While there's a resolution with a HEA in my short -- no cliffie y'all -- it is going to be part of a full blown novel.  I hope it leaves you wanting more, and hopefully Caleb will make the cut as a fabulous book boyfriend.  If the short doesn't do it for you, I assure you the book will.

Since I've never published an excerpt here before -- I just wanted to drop a little teaser for my favorite couple.

Preorder Love Least Expected today: 

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