Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Month of May Challenge: Day 1 {About Me}

 Day 1 {Wednesday}: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

Note: I'm not a person of "few" words so this is a huge challenge for me! 

Born and raised in the same area of Texas my entire life {all 30 years}.  Wrote and danced my way through elementary, middle and high school – sprained my knee so badly my senior year I was out from November on.  Went on to college where I entered a 3+ year relationship with somebody I never should have been with, but met my husband out of the deal, so I at least walked away with the upper hand.  Spent 5+ years in college trying to figure out who I wanted to be, graduated with a degree in early childhood education.  Married my best friend, who was actually my college boyfriends best friend/roommate {now there’s a story for you…} in 2006 {within a month of graduating}.  Taught for 5 years in public school.  Had our first child in 2011, became a stay at home momma.  Being a mom is by far my favorite job in the world, even though it doesn’t pay. ;)  Just started writing again in January after a {roughly} 2 year hiatus.  I don’t plan on anymore breaks!

I absolutely adore {in no particular order} the state of Texas, the South, sweet tea, the beach, our son, sunsets, cold, fruity drinks, country music, cowboy boots, weekend trips to the lake/river, being a wife, great food, firepits, making memories, cold beer, taking pictures, fireflies, palm trees and giant oaks covered in Spanish moss, plantation style houses, family, friends, being a momma, BBQ, movies, loud music, and wine. 

Bam! 247 words. ;)  


  1. Very cute post! I also love the bike graphic on your site- so fun!

    I'm visiting via the Blogger Challenge hop today.

    Happy Wednesday,

  2. Aw thanks!<3 So nice to meet you! :)