Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dream Big!

I'm now several days into Camp NaNoWriMo, and while it pulled me out of my "slump" like I'd hoped, I'm just not covering as much ground as I'd like to.  I realize 50k words in 30 days is asking a lot, and I also realize that month isn't even half over yet...but I'd like to be further along.

Truth be told I finished this "book" in high school - over 200 hand written pages I painstakingly cranked out with all the naive bliss that is high school love {and when I say naive, please believe me that I was a ridiculous level of naive} and actually dedicated and gave it to my high school boyfriend.  ::eye roll:: Yes, I was/am that girl.

This book has been written and reworked so many times, I think it's safe to say that's its a brand new story, but still very much about two people falling deeply in love with each other.  It still carries a tune of falling in love with your best friend, but has become so much more than that high school girl ever dreamed.  I've learned and experienced a lot since then!

So here's to all the aspiring authors out there, some I know, others I don't, that are pouring out their heart and soul into a book and dream of being published.  Let's cheer each other on, reach for the stars, and continue to dream big!

If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney


  1. Lovely little post that should inspire anyone coming back to a project. I love the honesty - especially the eye roll – and the warmth (and humility) that radiates! No wonder you got a sunshine award!

    I'm looking for captions for a picture on my blog it would be lovely if you wanted to add one.


  2. Thank you so much! :) I appreciate your kind words. I'll definitely be dropping by!